5 Ways To Save Money During A Renovation

We all love to renovate our home, but we're often on a tight budget. These tips may

help you to reduce your costs and hopefully stay within your budget.

If you're like most people you're probably thinking, saving money during a renovation is

impossible. Committing to a renovation will always cut into your savings. But being prepared

can help you save time and money, and hopefully, assist in avoiding your costs from rapidly

escalating out of control.

1. Discuss Design Options With Your Builder

Together with your builder, you'll speak about your budget along with the spaces you want to renovate. You'll also further consider aspects such as lifestyle use of the house and the

overall style you wish to have. These are all factors needed to take into consideration to

assist in the perfect renovation design. Take the time to get your design right. Both the way you want it to function efficiently and how to minimise your costs.

Through these discussions with your builder, you can come up with various ideas and your builder will give you some hot tips. Such as by keeping your design simple, you can reduce high costs.

Think about this. If you're renovating a bathroom, by keeping a similar layout and not

changing the plumbing, you can reduce your expenses. How? Because significant relocation

plumbing works are costly. You can also discuss different finish options and their prices.

Finishes such as taps and towel rails because cost-effective ones will help to keep expenses


The more complex the design, the more expensive it will be. By having these initial

discussions, you're beginning the process with ideas to save you money.

2. Make A Budget And Try To Stick To It

The budget is perhaps the most critical part of your planning, and it's best if you lay

everything out in a spreadsheet. Having your funds all set out in front of you gives you a

visual guide of all parts of the works along with the individual costs broken down.

It's especially critical if your renovation job is a large one with multiple contractors,

materials and timelines.

By creating this spreadsheet it gives you something tangible to abide by strictly. You can add

and subtract jobs or items, and you won't have any unprepared nasty shock costs which

could appear along the way.

3. Be Tidy And Ready To Start

For a smooth cost-cutting renovation, make sure your house is prepared and ready to go.

You want to make it as easy as possible for the tradespeople. You can do such things such as

give them simple access to all the areas they need. It's also helpful to provide them with a

clean and clutter-free environment. This ensures your tradies are more efficient as they'll be

able to do their job correctly without unnecessary delays.

In the building industry, time means money, particularly for the home owner. Especially if

it's an investment property or you have to move out of your home during the renovation

process. If this is the case, then there's no need to create unnecessary delays.

Oh, and of course, your tradies will appreciate working in an organised environment.

4. Be Organised And Shop Around

You're probably super excited to get started and bursting to buy all the things you need.

However, don't rush to purchase items such as ovens, taps, vanities and sinks, as you can

wait for specials.

Be prepared and start browsing for your desired items long before the renovation begins. So

you have time to shop around and wait for them to go on sale. If you let time slip away, and

the builders are ready to start, you'll have to rush to buy your items. Which means you may

pay more than what you probably should have.

5. Do Some Of The Work Yourself

Doing some of the jobs yourself is the most effective way to save money when renovating.

You don't have to be a Jack of all trades because there are some simple parts of a

renovation you can do without tradies.

You can complete some manageable tasks to help your tradespeople save time before they

arrive. And no, we're not talking about laying your tiles or becoming a carpenter!

Removing rubbish is a great way to save yourself some money. Take some trailer loads to

the tip or fill up a skip. Investigate items which can be put on your nature strip and book a

collection with your local council. Remember, some recycle materials are free to dispose of

at your local tip.

Usually, with any renovation, there's always painting to be done. Painting yourself is a great

way to save money. If you're unsure of how to do things yourself, remember, YouTube is

your best friend. There is a how-to video for everything you'll ever need. You'll save yourself

money, time and even learn a new skill.

Don't forget to always talk to your builder about what jobs you'll be completing or assisting

with, so they don't include these costs in their final price.

We hope these tips have given you some things to think about when renovating your home

or investment property. We always love to hear your feedback, so please feel free to

comment your thoughts, ideas and experiences.

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