Discover 5 tips for choosing the right builder

If you're ready to choose a builder for your dream home, then it's an exciting time.


However, when it comes to choosing the right builder for your project, we understand it can feel confusing.

And your excitement quickly turns to worrying about who to select as the right builder for your dream home. One who makes it as easy as possible, reliable and listens to you.

Sounds impossible? It's not… we promise.

There are genuine builders out there who want the best for your home project. So taking the time to consider various points about your builder is critical in finding the suitable one.

A relationship with your builder is essential, and much like being on the dating scene making the right decision is more than swiping right or left. The relationship you create with your builder is built on trust, honesty and communication.

Some builders may look shiny and perfect on the outside, showing off their beautiful homes at a super low cost to tempt you into contacting them. But before you make any decisions, here are five tips to pay attention to and consider before signing any contracts and making your final decision.

1. You need to trust them

Our number one tip is trust. And your relationship with your builder is everything. As with any relationship without trust, things quickly turn out to be a dead end.

Remember you'll be speaking and dealing with them a lot for an extended amount of time. So you want to make sure there is trust, and you feel comfortable with them.

Like the beginning of any relationship, you need to be open and honest from the start. This means once you open the line of communication for what you want, be honest with your builder about your vision.

Don't quite have a picture? No problem, be open with your builder about that as well.

Another way to begin the line of trust and communication is to ask a lot of questions. And see how the builder communicates the answers.

If you want to assess if the builder is trustworthy, then ask questions like,

  • How long have you been in business?

  • Can you show me other projects you've completed?

  • Have you done projects like this before?

  • How does the communication between us work?

  • Who's the best point of contact?

If the builder responds quickly to these questions, then you can start to feel more comfortable.

And, of course, always trust your gut feeling. You know, if something feels wrong, then it's probably not the right builder for you.

2. Do you research

If you feel you trust your builder, then your next mission is to get researching. Think about the project you're after and research the other similar projects this builder has done.

Social Media

Jump on their social media accounts and look at pictures, case studies, and reviews on their Facebook, Instagram, and any other social platforms they have.

Google Reviews

If people trust builders and they have a good reputation, then their google reviews will reflect this.

Research the builder on Google and see the reviews people have left. Including their star ratings, make sure to read the actual comments and what real people say about them.


Go through builders' websites thoroughly and make sure they are professional. You can look for case studies, testimonials and reviews, photos, and a blog on their website. A reputable builder's website will look professional, welcoming and established. And pay attention to their contact details.

If a builder doesn't make it easy to contact them, you may have difficulty building a meaningful and open relationship with them.

3. Get referrals

Once you've sorted trust and done your research, then start to ask around. You can often find people who have worked with the builder by posting a question in a relevant Facebook group.

Or, your builder will be happy to give you access to speak to current or past clients as they know they will provide good feedback.

You can also ask for a reference from the builder. It can be someone they've worked with before, like an architect, for example, well as past clients.

4. See a project for yourself

Our fourth tip for you is to go and see current and a few past projects from the builder yourself. If you've got access to the house addresses from their website or you can ask the builder as well.

A builder proud of their past jobs will be happy to give you the details to go and check out current and past projects for yourself.

If you go to a current one, then be sure to look out for various factors like the site being organised, clean, and operative.

5. Communication and relationship building

And finally, communication. When speaking to builders initially as part of the relationship building, please pay attention to their contact with you.

Further to tip number one, as you should ask a builder many questions, the builder should be doing the same in the initial conversations too.

Because if they show genuine interest in completing the project of your dreams, then as with any new blossoming relationship, they also want to understand you, your goals and your desires.

Effective communication is everything. Is the builder listening to your ideas? Do they communicate with you and answer your calls and email?

These are essential communication factors to pay attention to.

And finally,

Being open and transparent is the key to building an honest and communicative relationship with your chosen builder.

Taking the time to select the right builder for your project and creating a meaningful relationship means getting the best outcome possible.

Choosing the right builder for your new home takes time, but it's time well spent because it's a commitment with a lot of money involved, but the result is priceless.

Over to you,

Have you chosen a builder before? Or do you have any further tips to add to the above?

Please let us know in the comments below. We'd love to hear from you.

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